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Calendar Management

Managing your time can be a harder task than you think. Are you double booking appointments or having deadlines creep up on you?

What is your routine?

I like to make a list of my daily tasks and ensure I put meetings in my calendar straight away with reminders set for 10 minutes before the meeting.

Some other strategies I use are:

Colour coding

This makes meetings/events stand out. You can see your blocked time easier and you can make the colours to your individual needs. My main colour items would include internal meetings, external meetings, travel and unavailable to name a few.

Blocking time

Don’t be afraid to block time in your calendar for no specific reason. This enables you some time back in your busy day to focus on things you are working on or catch up on emails, phone calls etc. You can also use this time for between meetings whether that be travel time or even just breathing time so you can focus on the next meeting you are going into.

No Meetings Friday

This is a great way to finish your work week so you can catch up on anything you have missed during the week rather than having it roll into the next week. It does also allow time for you to schedule an important meeting if it does arise.

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