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As the CEO of an International business I was constantly travelling.  To be effective in my role the support provided by Kirrily over the three and a half years was vital. 

Kirrily had to operate for long periods of time when I was on the road and proved very effective in exercising her delegated authorities and demonstrated a high level of discretion in prioritising my agenda. She was able to work autonomously ensuring the day to day tasks necessary for the team to function were all delivered on time and with little hassle.


Kirrily supported me as my Executive Assistant for over 3 years at Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Hong Kong. During this period I was traveling extensively to our offices around the world for more than 200 days in a year. This required a lot of forward planning for travel in terms of scheduling, optimizing ticketing costs, booking hotels and not least of all ensuring my visas were always up to date. Her ability to manage my hectic travel schedule as well as ensuring we continuously juggled my 30+ regular monthly stakeholder catch ups / regular & adhoc meetings across time zones will be very useful in her new endeavor. I must highlight that a lot of our interactions were virtual and she did a fantastic job in staying connected with me and helping with my last minute requests as well. All of these are strong skills which will make her successful in her new journey.

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