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Find out the top reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant for your business today

5 reasons you need a virtual assistant

Across the world, large and small business owners have become accustomed to working with virtual teams. This huge change to our working lives has been surprisingly smooth, and is even the ‘new normal’ for some workplaces.

This means that a virtual assistant could be a great option for you and your team, even if you have started to return to the office. Here are some excellent reasons to find your virtual assistant today.

1. Rely on a person, not on technology.

Technology has been key to connecting us in these socially distanced times - but has it taken over our working lives? If you are finding your work day is full of Zoom meetings and endless emails to answer to, a virtual assistant can add a helpful human touch to these technology platforms.

A virtual assistant can plan your Zoom meetings to ensure you have a break between each one; set up invitations correctly with easy links to documents and background information; send minutes and actions after a Zoom meeting; and prioritise your emails before you get to your inbox. Sometimes only a human can understand how to get the best out of technology.

2. Cut down on your employee-related expenses

A virtual assistant is self-sufficient, so you cut costs on setting up an office, computer or laptop, stationery and training. Many virtual assistants like the flexible working hours, which means you will pay your assistant only for the hours you need them.

3. Focus on the work you should be doing

If you are finding your day is being taken up by tasks that get in the way of your core business, then it is time to prioritise. A virtual assistant can take on those pesky tasks that distract you from your real work. A virtual assistant is also one less person you have to manage – you’ll most likely build up a great relationship with your assistant, but without the drama and the human resources required for an office employee.

4. They’ll add a little magic to your work day

A good virtual assistant will not only complete your list of tasks – they’ll also pick up on gaps in your processes and think of new ideas to improve your business. A virtual assistant works quietly in the background - to add to your contacts when you get a new email, update your CRM after a customer interaction, transcribe your voicemail to emails so you can follow up, chase up on payments, file things from your desktop and proofread your writing. You’ll hardly know yourself!

5. Show your support for innovative business practices

Being a forward-thinking employee is a key part of your business brand. Employing a virtual assistant shows your business embraces technology solutions and up-to-date employment practices. Many virtual assistants rely on a flexible job to support their family or to live a different lifestyle, and your decision to work with them shows your own openness to different ways of working.

If you are interested in finding out more about how a virtual assistant could help you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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